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?Bu tong you tong?: Where there is no free flow there will be pain

TCM has a long tradition of treating pain: Pain is a sign of stagnation of qi and can be caused by too much or too little qi.

Pain is always an alarm signal that should always be taken seriously

TCM knows several approaches to treat acute or chronic pain with different causes. A treatment first objective is to get rid of the pain as fast as possible and then treat the cause or root of the pain.

Similar to water in a river qi streams through our body. The routes it takes are called meridians. Pain is a sign that the free flow of qi is disturbed.

The cause may be

  • a blockage (like a small stone or big rock blocking the riverbed) or

  • too much qi (like a river, which?s riverbed is too narrow for all the flood of water) or

  • too little qi (similar to the water of a parched river, which is too shallow to flow around obstacles).

I have experience treating acute pain (as after cancer-operation or injuries), chronic pain (e.g. headache) and phantom pain.



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