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There and (never?) back again: Enclosed pathogenic factors

Thesis at the ABZ-Mitte, Offenbach


When external pathogenic factors (epf) intrude the body they always cause an imbalance and so they provide a base for disease or trigger it. If a person's qi is strong enough, those epf are pushed out of the body again. If the person's qi is not strong enough, they may linger in the body in more or often less obvious forms.

The diagnostic challenge with those 'enclosed' pathogenic factors is the fact, that for some time they may or may not cause symptoms. Maybe the person just feels a little bit tired or less strong or focused than elsewhen, or even completely fine.

It may gradually cause chonic diseases to which the body slowly 'adapts' and therefore gets used to live unbalanced. But still those enclosed pathogenic factors disturb the physiological balance in the meridians and zang fu (inner organs). When the body's level of energy decreases, e.g. for age, stress, traveling, cold or an other disease the symptoms of these enclosed pahtogenic factors show up.

The thesis is about the precondition how and why external pathogenic factors can become enclosed pathogenic factors and how they can be classified.


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