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Beauty originates from inside and shows outside

The Program “Flexibility, beauty & regulation of weight” has the following objectives:

  • Beautiful appearance: Face, healthy skin, good posture, flexibility of muscles and joints, regulation of weight
  • Slowing down the aging process
  • More strength and sereneness

The holistic treatment includes three steps:

  1. Treat the roots of imbalances
  2. Build up energy and enhance it’s free flow in the meridians
  3. Create local changes

and exercise is according to TCM a very important measure to slow down the aging process. TCM holds that many “age-related diseases” are actually consequences of too little exercise and movement and the thereof resulting stagnation.

The skin is often referred to as the mirror of our emotional and physical health. It protects the body, hosts the sense of touch and temperature and reflects our inner balance. It separates us from the environment and at the same time is a big area of exchange between inside and outside, useful and useless matter.

Our weight does not only depend on the daily intake of calories. Many further factors play a role: Our lifestyle, emotions, flexibility and the capability to “digest” life. While regulating weight with a Chinese medicine approach eating will be therefore rather a minor topic!



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